Formal, Casual, Contemporary Portraits

It was such a pleasure to meet and photograph Ifeoluwa for a new business portrait. His business attire requires a suit, and with a little direction his personality shone though.

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Finally back in the studio!

My last studio portrait was a graduation portrait on Nov. 4 2020, just before the provincial government locked down non essential business’s. It’s been a long 3 months! Ironically my first shoot this year was also a grad portrait! In my opinion these portraits are essential.  A graduation portrait somehow validates our accomplishment, and our parents are proud to hang them on the walls. Photography reminds us of people, places, and a feeling of past time. They tell stories and are important in everyone’s life. Congratulations to this beauty who waited a very long time for her graduation portrait!

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Proposal at the studio!

Darlene contacted me for a portrait to celebrate her 25th birthday. She wanted something simple, timeless and classic. She inquired about bringing her boyfriend as they were going out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Little did she know her boyfriend Tristen privately contacted me as he was going to propose during the photoshoot.

I wasn’t sure when Tristen was going to do this, or even how…but it all played out perfectly. As I photographed Darlene full length her boyfriend wanted to try a pose behind her. She had no idea what he was up to, and was laughing. I caught the pose and her expression perfectly. Once she turned around I switched to video… but this image is one of my favourites this year. Just pure joy during this challenging year.

Of course she said yes, he even brought fresh flowers. Just a beautiful, memorable shoot for all of us 🙂 Congratulations again Darlene + Tristen!!

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Family Portrait Winnipeg

Family is everything for this couple with 9 kids! I believe this is the largest immediate family I’ve ever photographed in the studio. During our consultation I recommended jean’s and white/cream tops for a casual look. I tried a few variations and the whole family was incredibly nice to work with. This was the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary, what a great way to celebrate!

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Graduation Portraits

It seem’s out of season to be photographing graduation portraits in October, but here we go. Nothing about 2020 is in season! I love the simplicity of a grad portrait. With or without a hat seems to work with every situation! Here’s a few samples of what I’ve been working on this month.

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Keller Williams Real Estate Services

It was nice to meet and photograph Tank Liu. Tank is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Real Estate Services. If you’re looking to buy/sell give him a call 204-777-8968

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Love in the time of Covid

Congratulations to this amazing couple who decided NOT to let Covid interrupt their wedding day.

The couple had their first look at Hook and Tassel a bed and breakfast in Selkirk.

Hook and Tassel
Hook and Tassel

From the Hook and Tassel was a short walk to Selkirk Golf and Country Club for a few more photos, the ceremony and dinner.

Love how the bride wear comfy shoes while the groom carried her shoes!

Only 10 people were allowed to attend their intimate wedding at the Selkirk Golf and Country Club. Parents, grandparents, justice of the peace, and 1 sister who live streamed the ceremony on Facebook and myself! Ok that is 11 but apparently I don’t count as I didn’t stay for dinner and kept my distance during the ceremony.

Beautiful Intimate Ceremony

Hand sanitizer in moscow mules…Perfect party favours for 2020!

All images on USB, mailed for no contact.

I know many couple’s have decided to postpone their special day. Glad I was able to photograph this one. All the best in love and laughter! hugs….more hugs

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APTN News Author

I recently met and photographed Darrell Stranger for an updated business portrait.

Darrell is a proud member of Peguis First Nation in Manitoba. He’s a graduate of the television program from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. He returned to APTN after having completed an internship. Welcome back Darrell!

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Professional Portraits – Low Key Style

I love low key photography!  In any photo the viewer is drawn to the lightest part of the image.  Obviously her face and  smile is the first thing you notice.   Typically low key is meant for more moody type photo’s,  adding  smiles are optional and usually preferred in a business portraits.   Low key is basically black on black or shades or dark.  If you’re thinking of having this kind of photo taken for your next business portrait, I’d like you to look beyond the smile.   Take note it’s important to have separation between the subject and background.  The hair also requires extra light so you can see it.  Specific lighting for glasses is crucial to see your eyes. No one wants  large white glare their glasses.!  If there’s a little then photoshop can alway’s help.    If you’d like to try this kind of photography for your next professional portrait give me a call,  I can help ya!

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30 Years!

Sept 1 1990, was the day I registered Photography by Michele.  At the time I was Magellan’s  company photographer formally known as Bristol Aerospace.  Employed from 1987-1994.  Employees would ask me to photograph their weddings and families, and it just snow balled from there! 

I’ve been very fortunate to be in business for this long, I’ve  seen many changes along the way, when I photographed my first wedding  digitally I didn’t entirely trust it.  I actually double photographed it with film also! LOL Seem’s silly now, but I take my work very seriously.  Capturing a moment in time is important to me, it’s what you’ll have to remember  later in life. 

I’m grateful for all my past clients who’ve trusted me to capture life events.   I never knew my career would take me this far. It would have been nice to celebrate with the many clients, colleagues, and friends I’ve made along the way.  But life has a way of showing us how to keep focused on what’s important in life.   SOOooo cheers to 30 years!  🥂 

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