2018 Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet!

2018 is just around the corner, less than 3 weeks away!


If you’re wondering how to incorporate this colour into your life it’s easy!  I often find inspiration from nature.  If it look’s great on a flower, I believe you can wear it or decorate with the same palette. Purple and Yellow are complimentary colours, and look awesome together.


This is my office.  I’ve alway’s loved this colour and various shades of it.  The inspiration of my office came from the vase that was a gift over 20 years ago.  If you’re wondering what the heck that large print is….. it’s not a cheese grater. LOL  It’s actually the afterburner of a CF-5 aircraft.  I use to work as a in-house photographer at a aerospace company.  The president at the time wanted me to create art work from plane parts.  It was a challenge, but I remember it being so much fun. When I left the company in 1994 the 25″x25″ print was given to me.  It has hung in my office ever since.



Now if you’re wondering how to incorporate this colour into clothing for your next family portrait session. Here are a few options.





If the Colour Violet is your favourite colour, You are gentle, a free spirit. Your feelings run deep. Deepest Needs: Emotional security and to create order and perfection in all area’s of your life. Including your spiritual life.



Yellow and purple together are very regal.  Any of these combination’s would be a excellent choice for a family portrait in 2018 to honour Pantone Colour of the Year!

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The Colour Purple

Meet Mariette, She love’s the colour purple!  Mariette came to the studio because she just wanted to have a updated portrait of herself.   I can relate, as I’ll be heading to the studio for a update myself soon!



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Business Portraits… How Often?

I have my business portrait taken every two years.   I want to keep it fresh with a new outfit.    I don’t like having my portrait taken, so every two years is sometimes a struggle but I do it!

Jeff Stern knew it was time for a new portrait when a client  wanted his business card but refused to take it.  She claimed the card  didn’t look like him and said he looked better than his photo!  I have to agree with this client.   Jeff  realized 10 years had past since the last time he had a professional portrait taken!  Although Jeff will updating his logo he wanted the same pose.  I really look forward to seeing the new card soon.

So how long should you keep a portrait on your business card?


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Strike a Pose

Fall is one of my favourite times of year.  Nature gives you such a beautiful backdrop and if the wind stay’s away you can create beautiful portraits.  St. Vital Park was such a beautiful setting for this portrait session.  I love it when people agree to wear black for their portraits.  The focus is on the face’s instead of the clothes.  This family was great to work with and kid’s were so cute!



When  kids strike a pose or act silly of course I take photos!  Never know might get something hilarious….right?  On this shoot I  learnt about  the  DAB pose.   It’s a football move, from Cam Newton who has been at the forefront of the spreading dab sensation since 2015.  Ok so I’m a few years behind, but to my defence I don’t watch football.  It’s still  cute and I will use it for the next boy’s I photograph!


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Story Telling

I sometimes  can’t resist shooting a few action shots.  Especially when kids are just being kids.  It’s what make’s a photoshoot memorable and a little fun, as it show’s  charactor and emotion.  People being real, and interacting with one another.  I think this could very easily be a series to hang vertically on a wall.   I had so much fun photographing this fun loving family!





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Do Not Copy appears on thousands of grad proofs.  I get it, the companies want you to order.  You may not realize that these companies only keep digital files for 2 years!  After that they will provide you with a letter stating that you CAN copy!

It took me 4 hours to remove the words and logo from this grad portrait.  The parents were thrilled with the results.  They also have learnt a lesson for the next child that will graduate .

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Tender Moments

There are time’s when people don’t need to be looking at the camera and smiling.  This is one of those tender moments.  Lovely for a wall portrait and simply timeless.  Black and White photography with professional lighting will never go out of style, which is good because I love it for family portraits!


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