Professional Portraits – Low Key Style

I love low key photography!  In any photo the viewer is drawn to the lightest part of the image.  Obviously her face and  smile is the first thing you notice.   Typically low key is meant for more moody type photo’s,  adding  smiles are optional and usually preferred in a business portraits.   Low key is basically black on black or shades or dark.  If you’re thinking of having this kind of photo taken for your next business portrait, I’d like you to look beyond the smile.   Take note it’s important to have separation between the subject and background.  The hair also requires extra light so you can see it.  Specific lighting for glasses is crucial to see your eyes. No one wants  large white glare their glasses.!  If there’s a little then photoshop can alway’s help.    If you’d like to try this kind of photography for your next professional portrait give me a call,  I can help ya!

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30 Years!

Sept 1 1990, was the day I registered Photography by Michele.  At the time I was Magellan’s  company photographer formally known as Bristol Aerospace.  Employed from 1987-1994.  Employees would ask me to photograph their weddings and families, and it just snow balled from there! 

I’ve been very fortunate to be in business for this long, I’ve  seen many changes along the way, when I photographed my first wedding  digitally I didn’t entirely trust it.  I actually double photographed it with film also! LOL Seem’s silly now, but I take my work very seriously.  Capturing a moment in time is important to me, it’s what you’ll have to remember  later in life. 

I’m grateful for all my past clients who’ve trusted me to capture life events.   I never knew my career would take me this far. It would have been nice to celebrate with the many clients, colleagues, and friends I’ve made along the way.  But life has a way of showing us how to keep focused on what’s important in life.   SOOooo cheers to 30 years!  🥂 

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Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District

Meet George J. Mitchell, he’s an avid photographer and the former editorial director and publisher of numerous regional and national business and trade magazines. As the Sun Media Business Publications Division Group Publisher for twenty years, he created custom publications for such organizations as Air Canada, Bombardier, Investors Group, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. Mitchell’s for his next chapter. His next book has been 10 years in the making, Treasures of Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange available Oct 6, 2020 for purchase. George took over 25,000 images of the area and had to select approx 500 for the book. I look forward to seeing which one’s where selected.

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My Lighting is Dope!

I had such a great time meeting and photographing Matthew Lupu. An actor known for the first encounter, cruise ship killers (2020) and Made in Winnipeg the Terry Shawchuck origin story. Matthew required a few updates for upcoming potential roles.

The first few images were shown to Matthew just on the back of the camera. His comment “oh the lighting is dope”! LOL good thing I knew that dope mean’s good. After a few more images “oh yeah those are sick”! LOL again sick mean’s good! I knew I was on the right track for this 17 year old…

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Graduation 2020

I typically photograph convocations for 3 high schools in Winnipeg, but not this year. Next week I’ll be photographing Vincent Massey convocation.  Normally it would take about 3 hours of constant shooting.  This year, with the pandemic it will take all day with social distancing in place.   I’m happy these graduates will be able to experience receiving their diploma with classmates. 

If you’ve missed out on your graduation portrait or want another one with mom and dad, don’t worry!   I can help you out, as I have all the sash’s and gowns from the University of Manitoba, complete with red roses and diploma all for no charge.  

Kyle contacted me as he graduated and didn’t have an opportunity for his graduation portrait retake.  I was happy to accommodate, as he needed a “Green” stash for the faculty of medicine in Saskatchewan.  Dr. Kylie Cheung,  congratulations and best wishes as you make Winnipeg home. 

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Starting up the studio again!

It feel’s so good to be back in the studio, I’ve truly missed working and being around people. I started with photographing a good friend of mine. I felt like I was all thumbs taking her portrait, after all it’s been 3 months. Of course once we got going I was on a roll. It was great to have so many clothing options for different looks.

I’d like you to meet my good friend Dr. Christina Lengyel. She has quite a selection of glasses, and of course colour co-ordinates them to each outfit! I just love her outgoing, caring personality, she is so full of life! Not to mention her wonderful smile. I think I’ve captured her personality perfectly, but I might be a little biased.

Although I’ve known Christina for about 15 years, this is the first time I’ve professionally photographed her by herself without her family. The images will be used for work, lectures, facebook etc… We even tried some butterfly lighting or glamour lighting (below image)

Dr. Lengyel’s research focuses on nutrition and health-related issues of baby boomers and older adults residing in long-term care (LTC) facilities, assisted living facilities, and in community residences, in both rural and urban areas, to improve their nutritional well-being, longevity and quality of life.

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Operation Inspiration

The snowbirds are flying across Canada and this morning was Winnipeg’s turn! Operation Inspiration is to lift Canadians’ spirits during the third month of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a long 10 weeks since I’ve taken any professional photos. Like many I’m a little down, but this morning I opened up the camera bag and dusted off my equipment. I was so excited I could feel my heart beat! I love anything to do with aircraft as my first “real” photography job was with Bristol Aerospace now Magellan. I made the trek up Winnipeg’s Westview Park better known as Garbage Hill. I soon realized just how out of shape I am!

Garbage Hill – Winnipeg

I just made it up the hill and with in minutes there they were!

The city skyline is East of garbage hill. Shooting towards the city in the morning doesn’t have the best light, and I didn’t think to bring a lens hood. There was a little haze but I made the best of it. The following is one of my favourite shots. I don’t mind the glare, but if you can fix it in photoshop why not!

Winnipeg Skyline
same shot with a little crop/photoshop

I’m looking forward to the skyline when the new high rise replaces the crane!

Today is Manitoba’s birthday and what a way to celebrate! #Manitoba150. Thanks to the snowbirds for operation inspiration, it truly inspired me this morning….. feeling better 🙂

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Family Portrait

This beautiful family was the last family portrait I took in the studio just before the Coronavirus broke out. I worked very quickly to get them the prints. It was the little boy’s first birthday! I assumed everyone was going to wear white tops and jeans as discussed. But that wasn’t the case, and they didn’t seem to care. When I do a clothing consultation I only make recommendations. Although the family didn’t choose this image, it was one of my favourites. However, I decided to remove the stripes on the clothing, glasses, shine on baby’s head, fly away hair and wrinkles on the fabric. I think it looks a lot better!

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Indigenous VP

Meet Dr. Catherine Cook, she was appointed to a pivotal new role as first ever Vice-President (Indigenous) of the University of Manitoba. It was such a pleasure to photograph her on location in her office. Please join me in extending congratulations to Dr. Cook on her appointment as Vice-President (Indigenous). Read more about this amazing person in UM Today .

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Donwood Manor

It was great to photograph and meet Nina Labun, the Chief Executive Officer of Donwood Manor. Donwood is celebrating 50 years! It’s a is a faith-based organization supported by eight Winnipeg-based Mennonite Brethren Churches. Donwood has five locations throughout Winnipeg providing different levels of care at each. Whether it’s personal care or independent living.

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