Interiors by Govan Brown

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful office by Govan Brown. I love all the windows and open feeling.   Govan Brown is a national construction and general contracting firm specializing in commercial, retail and hospitality interiors.  The company was founded in 1994 by Ralph Govan, John Brown, and Jon Taylor who collectively co-owned and managed the Govan Brown Group of Companies.


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Viking Park – Gimli

I recently headed North to Gimli to Photograph  Viking Park.  I’ve been to Gimli many times, but have never been to this beautiful little hideaway. It’s tucked away along the banks of Lake Winnipeg.  Viking Park includes three gardens with indigenous plants, grasses and flowers. The Troll Storm Garden, Elf Garden, and Breakwater Garden. The Viking statue was first erected in 1967 to mark Canada’s 100th anniversary.  My local source told me the statue has  moved a few times, but finally found his home here.  Innovative Laser Works in Winnipeg hired me to showcase all their amazing metal work.   Here’s a few of my favourites. viking-park-gimli-commerical-photographer-on-location-shoot-photographybymicheleThe lighting wasn’t perfect in the morning for some images, so I hung around until it was overcast.  Check out the difference and detail in these images… Also the little troll house at the base of the Viking feet.  How cute is that! vikingpark-innovativelazerworks-gimli-photographybymichele-commericalphotographer-onlocationphotography6310gimli-photographer-lake-winnipegvikingparkgimli-innovativelaserworks-commericalphotographer-photographybymichele

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Willow Place – Urban Barn Style

Willow Place is a family violence agency supporting transformation, healing and healthy relationships. They were incorporated in April 2015, maintaining Manitoba’s long standing tradition of providing services for women and their children who have experienced family violence.

They provide:   24-hour Crisis Line

  • Emergency shelter in Winnipeg for women and their children leaving family violence situations
  • One to one and group counselling
  • Follow-up services
  • Advocacy and links to community supports
  • Outreach and prevention services

24-hour Crisis Line

204-615-0311 OR 1-877-977-0007

Urban Barn on Kenaston, chose Willow Place to decorate this room.  As I’m also a residential decorator and work part-time at Urban Barn.  It was my pleasure to volunteer my photography services for this great cause!

For more information on Willow Place check out their website 


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Mom’s and Son’s

I loved being able to use three different area’s  of my studio to photograph this mother and son.   Backdrop’s tend to be more formal while the other backgrounds are more casual and offer natural light with the large windows.  They couldn’t decide what they wanted so I suggested trying them all!  Wearing  black  could go either way for a certain look.   I love the simplicity of the clothing, as it focus’s more on the expression, lighting, and posing, rather than what they are wearing.    I’m always curious why people have a professional portrait taken, their answer…  Just because!


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Strategic Community Consultants

It was great to photograph the team  from Strategic Community Consultants.  They desperately needed a update for their website!  Gavin  wanted a more casual relaxed look.  Check out the images here or at  meet our team  to see how they were cropped.


Gavin van der Linde Chief Executive Officer gavinvanderlinde-businessportraitswinnipeg-photographybymichele-studioportraits-exchanagedistrictphotographybystudio-strategic-businessportraits-winnipegphotographer

Joelle Saltel Chief Communicationsjoellesaltel-chiefcommunicationsstrategic-businessportrait-winnipegphotographer-studioportraits-downtownwinnipeg-photographybymichele-

Dr. Henry Venema Chief Technologydrhenryvenema-businessportraits-downtownwinnipeg-photographybymichele-studioportraits-strategic-consultants-portraitsinwinnipeg-studioinwinnipeg

Who is Strategic Community Consultants Inc.?

They are a team of like-minded professionals serving Manitoba municipalities in the areas of high performance environmental systems.  They look for scalable and cost-effective solutions, while supporting municipalities through innovation, technology and enhancing municipal capacity.    For more information please check out their website

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New Ombudsman

The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba has a new acting ombudsman.

Marc Cormier was promoted to the role.  Mr. Cormier comes from a military background, having served 18 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a commissioned officer. He achieved the rank of Senior Officer working with the director general of the Canadian Forces Grievance Authority.

It was great to have Marc in the studio for his official portrait!


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Future Lawyer

Ambe was visiting Winnipeg from the North West Territories and wanted to have a professional portrait taken.  I alway’s ask what the propose is, as to create a style and match the expression.    Ambe’s response “oh I’ve never had one before, and thought it was a good idea”  After a little more digging, I found out he he’s heading back to school to become a lawyer.  What a great idea to have a professional business portrait   just on social media.  It will surely  open many doors for Ambe!

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