Spine Surgeon

I seem to photograph a lot of doctors, but I hope to never see Dr. Vaca other then in my studio!  Dr. Vaca is a spine surgeon, and required a portrait for a board of directors.    At first he wanted more of a natural portrait, so the window with natural light was his first option.  Dr. Vac agreed to  try a more professional look, and he liked both options.  Selecting backgrounds can make or break any portrait, but the focus needs to be on the person.


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Womans Best Friend

Marie contacted me to do a few portraits.  Not with her significant other or her kids but with  her dog Dougan.   Although Dougan is  getting older and has some health issues, I was able to show just how happy he is.   I was thrilled to capture some beautiful images for Marie.  You can just see how much she love’s him!

This is the first time I’ve received Chocolates with a thank you from a client. It just mean’s the world to me that I’m able to create memories..

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The Metropolatan

I was commissioned from the Commercial Photographers of America to photograph the exterior of The Met in downtown Winnipeg.  It’s directly across from the Bell MTS Place, and during the Jet’s home games the Met lights up the exterior.    Even though it was freezing cold  I enjoyed photographing it.

The Met was designed by famed architect Charles Howard Crane in the Golden Age of Cinema.    1919

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Blended Family

I’ve notice’d over the years of photographing families that the type of family has changed….big time! I photograph more blended families, then traditional ones.  Although this family has crazy schedules, they made  time for a family portrait.  One couple live’s in Vancouver so timing was everything!    It was my pleasure to photograph this one, as I photographed this couple’s wedding 10 years ago.     Now the kids are all grown with partners.  I wonder what the next 10 years will bring?

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Welcome Baby Sara

Sara is a New Years Eve Baby. These photo’s were taken on her 9th day. I always try to photograph a few differant backgrounds with differant lighting. Sara was a little angel, and I just loved photographing her. Her Grandma wanted me to create an album for her, as she could decide which photo’s she wanted printed. This is a 5″x 5″ album I designed… enjoy!

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Family Portraits

One of my favourite types of photography is low key, which basically means Black clothing on a Black background. It focus’s the viewer right to the most important part of the photo. The expression! This family agreed with my reguest and the results are just stunning. I Love how they turned out. The Little baby was only 8 day’s old and wide awake for all his portraits. No way would he fall asleep, I had to wait for a blink. so… now you know my secret for those sleeping baby photos. Sometimes it’s just a quick finger!

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Investment Pieces

I had a wonderful time photographing this amazing lady. Dianne Szelag owner of Investment Pieces! Her passion for the business of fashion is the driving force behind her dream come true. Dianne’s boutique, Investment Pieces, was years in the making and is much, much more than a clothing store. In addition to its clothing lines, it serves as a venue for an assortment of artwork.

Dianne wanted to give business women the opportunity to experience fashion in a whole new way. “The women I’m hoping to serve are outstanding women who deserve outstanding clothing.” Dianne’s approach to fashion is a balance between what she learned during her career as a professional fashion designer, and what she has learned through 25 years of serving clients’ financial planning needs in her current wealth management practice.

Investment Pieces is located at 749 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The website gives you a preview of our shopping experience — but Dianne urge’s you to come in and experience the boutique for yourself. You deserve it! I think a shopping date is in my near future, how about yours?!

Dianne Szelag – Investment Pieces
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