Details in a Traditional Wedding

Nov 15, 2014 was the date of a classy, traditional wedding, much like  the couple. It was  such a joy to photograph Alanna + Adrian.  It reminded me of photographing weddings when I first started out 25 years ago.  I think I was 4 years old….LOL   Back then it was more about creating traditional images, not leaping though sunflower fields or standing in a back alley with graffiti.   Oh how the style of wedding photography has changed!

I wanted to share some of the details that go into a wedding.  I always photograph the little things, as they make great backdrops for the wedding album, and  a nice rememberance of what makes the day so special.

Beautiful gifts002

Champagne flutes for the toast to the bridecheers!

Brides shoes for the day!  shoes!

The rings always have special meaning, however Adrian’s father made these. Tabernacle Baptist Church

Beautiful flowers on such a cold winters day. Tabernacle Baptist Church


Traditional photography means taking your time, so instead of hand holding the camera I use a tripod.  Slowing down and focusing on  posing and lighting reflects in the quality of a  timeless image.  Traditional,  excellent quality photography will never go out of style.


The Manitoba Club, was a beautiful background and perfect choice for this classy couple.Manitoba Club


Stairway to a wonderful reception and awesome food.Manitoba Club

Congratulations to Alanna + Adrain,  all the best in love and laughter!





About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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