Having a heart around Valentines day….

So is Valentines day just for lovers? Flowers/Chocolate/jewelry ?  I was going to purchase myself flowers from Costco but refrained.  This Valentines Day I decided  to reflect on everything I LOVE in life.  Seeing as I’m a single gal I have no choice but to think of what I LOVE!   When I think of LOVE I immediately think of my LOVE for my family + a few close friends.  Then it’s my LOVE of photography that has been with me since I was 13 years old.   I remember the little hairs on the back of my neck standing up when I developed my very first black and white print.  It was magic, and I was hooked!  I still have that print around here somewhere…  my LOVE of chocolate lead me to Chocolatier Constance Popp where I purchased 3 chocolates for myself…  They were a little pricey at 2.25 each, but I must say I really enjoyed them, I’ve never tasted anything like them before!  Absolutely delicious.  choc

 Then there is LOVE for mankind.  Today I took my mom for a MRI, so as I waited I went to a second hand shop looking for props.  I saw a young man that appeared to be down and out, his coat was well worn and ripped.  He had picked out a sweater but didn’t have enough money to purchase it.  He pleaded with the clerk to keep it on hold for him until he had enough money.  But no way could they do it.  

My heart just broke when I heard his story of being cold and it was the perfect sweater…….  The sweater fit nicely under his torn ripped coat and was thick enough to keep him warm.  I asked a different clerk how much it was….  a mere 8.00.    I thought, I’m going to buy this sweater for him and put 10 bucks on the table where he was standing. I didnt’ say anything but they both knew what I was doing…. I just smiled.  I wasn’t expecting change, but he insisted on giving me the 2.00 back.     It felt good for my Valentine heart to show a little love to a stranger and pay it forward.

About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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