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I’m a member of the Women Business Owners of Manitoba.  We meet every month.  Last night we had 4 guest talk about social media.  Christine Dubyts owner of Dubyts communications talked about facebook.  Aileen Berger with The Winnipeg Humane Society chatted about Websites. Ian McCausland Photography inspired us about blogging, and lastly Alex Morrison from x-lab interactive discussed Mobile Marketing.  Quite the panel of experts.   They were each given 7 minutes….wow, not nearly enough time.  I’m sure each one could talk for at least 7 hours on their chosen topic! They did however answer lots of questions and went into overtime.

It truly was inspiring, and I was happy to learn that I’ve been doing some social media right, but could definitely improve on other aspects.    Some of the social media I partake in is this blog which is attached to my website and my linkedin account.  I also have a facebook fan page with 287 fans!!!  here is the link if you’re not a fan but want to follow me there.


I’m not into twitter, instagram, pinterest or anything else that requires my precious time.  After all you can’t do everything…..right?  I don’t have a QR code, but think it would be a good idea…what do you think?

WBOM is a great organization for women business owners, I don’t make it to every meeting, but I always manage to meet  new and old friends when I attend.  I  find new business contacts that require my services.  I also use services from other members. It’s a win/win situation!  The members are awesome and networking is fantastic!  So if your interested give them a try.   I’ll be sponsoring my photographic services at their upcoming tulips and tea fashion show.  If you’re interested in more information about WBOM or the fashion show here is their link.







About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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