The shot that got away….

It’s  7:00 am and I’m sipping coffee going through my emails,  as I sit in my office and look out the window  I see the full moon and some soft clouds going across it.  Really quite breath taking.  I was reading a email from Mike Grandmaison and admiring his beautiful winter card.  Mike is a awesome landscape photographer and I have purchased a few of this books.  check out some of his work .     I really should do a image for  my Christmas Card instead of waiting until the last minute and purchasing them.   Have you noticed most of the cards this year have glitter on them?     It looks like fairies have taken over my office! LOL

Anyway….   I  was kind of inspired to take out the camera and capture the moon.   Albeit from the inside.  Just as I pulled out my camera with the zoom lens and held it up for my shot the clouds rolled in and most of the moon was gone and it looked more like a UFO! LOL _MG_7243  geeze.   Everyone has a shot that got away!


About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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