Russian Translator in Winnipeg.

Based in her hometown of Winnipeg, Canada, Sarah McDowell provides premium Russian to English translations and expert English editorial services to clients all over the world. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with an Advanced Degree in Economics and Russian, she went on to pursue several years of intensive high-level studies in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her time spent in Russia allowed her to not only acquire in-depth knowledge of the Russian language, but also to become an expert in Russian history, culture, and contemporary Russian society.

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Drawing on her unique abilities as a Russian and English language expert, she creates meticulous texts which are true reflections of the Russian source text and have the same level of natural expression and style as if they were originally written in English. Setting a new quality standard for Russian to English translation, Sarah’s objective is to improve cross-cultural understanding and facilitate clear communications between native speakers of Russian and their English-speaking counterparts by offering impeccable translations to companies, organizations, and individuals.

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Sarah is open to collaboration with new clients and is always excited to hear about new projects. She can be contacted via her website

I’d  like to wish Sarah all the best with her future endeavours !


About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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1 Response to Russian Translator in Winnipeg.

  1. Sarah says:

    Michele, thanks for your best wishes! It was a pleasure meeting you and I am very pleased with the photographs.


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