Scammers Everywhere!

I received an email from someone overseas who was getting married in Winnipeg next March.  I thought it was strange as who get’s married in Winnipeg in March?  But anyways… we figured out out their requirements and set a 600 deposit to confirm the date.   Apparently their employer { the military } was going to send a cheque.  I thought this was a bit off right from this point…   Really?  The military is going to send a cheque for your wedding photography?!

Eventually I received a email from the person claiming there was some kind of mix up and they sent me 3200. instead of the 600.  Then they informed me to wire the balance back to them in England….  LOL  Sure, no problem!!! (I’m being completely sarcastic here)  They really must think we are completely stupid!  As it turned out they sent me 3000. not 3200.  so they couldn’t even get their story straight about the amount!  oh and I’m in Canada, so why are you sending me US funds?  LOL

I went down to my credit union and they agreed,  they were fraud!  A good one at that.  Besides, who  sends travellers cheques and doesn’t sign/date them? I’m sure the Military wouldn’t oversee this small fact.  I actually phoned the police and they requested I file a report in person.  I went down to the public safety building where I waited 45 minutes.   I had all the evidence, even the scammers name in England where they wanted the money wired.  I was going to do my part in capturing some criminals. I was feeling like a real Nancy Drew……   WELL  Apparently the police can’t do anything about it unless I actually lost money. So I receive bad advice and I lost time which is money!  So I thought I’d write about it and waste more time!!!   LOL   Who knows perhaps someone that reads this won’t waste their time… not sure what I’ll do with my 3000 of funny money, any suggestions?

do these really look authentic?  LOL

do these really look authentic? LOL


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Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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2 Responses to Scammers Everywhere!

  1. laurae says:

    hmmmm this story sounds familar


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