Updating Photo for a new website.

I had the pleasure of photographing designer Joan Grandmont.

GrandmontDesigns is the evolution of Joan Grandmont’s Computer Home Designs. Joan has worked in many design based fields. She also has studied under Robert Bateman and painted with various Manitoba art groups. She has associations with the Women’s Enterprise Centre and the Women Business Owners of Manitoba.

Joan travels frequently through Canada and the U.S. to learn about the most unique and innovative furnishings for her clients. She stays current with the latest trends and developments in the design industry through her association with the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA) of Toronto and her own Central Prairie Chapter.Joan Grandmont DesignsJoan Grandmont Designs

Joan founded Ivy Cottage Antiques is 1994. The shop is a rural gem specializing in unique century and “older” furnishings. Joan’s knowledge of modern to antique decor gives her a broad spectrum of information. Her keen eye for color, design sense and cabinetry expertise has taken her to all parts of Canada and the United States.

check out her web site at



About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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4 Responses to Updating Photo for a new website.

  1. michele1962 says:

    Thanks for liking my posts everyone!


  2. Joan Grandmont says:

    I love your work Michele. You capture and honor your subjects with your incredible talent!


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