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Season Greetings…

It’s such a great time of year, even though I’ve been incredibly busy I was reminded again today how important my line of work is.  I agreed to do a family portrait for a friend who is also a photographer.  She couldn’t … Continue reading

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Diamond Jubilee Medal Ceremony – Winnipeg

In the beautiful Hotel Fort Garry, Winnipeg.   7th floor

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family portraits….precious

My last post was of a awesome family dressed in purple.  The mother is beautiful, however when she picked up her portraits yesterday  morning I could tell something was wrong.   She didn’t look well,  I asked her how she … Continue reading

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Family Photos – Winnipeg Studio

Photographing families in my studio is awesome, especially when they match in color!  I love how this family color coordinated.  It was also interesting to find out the “mom’s” parents immigrated  from the same area of Holland as my mom…..small world!

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The Chick Magnet….Winnipeg Baby Photographer

Check out this cute little man, he was a little old for a new born photo.  Hard to believe being to old at only a few months!   I was still able to capture some pretty cute expressions by himself and with … Continue reading

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Sunrise Memorial – Winnipeg

It was my honor once again this year to photograph the sunrise memorial at Winnipeg’s Legislature.  Dec 6 is Canada’s Day of Remembrance and action on violence against women.  In 1989, when 14 women were shot to death in Montreal by a … Continue reading

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Group Photo – Winnipeg Photographer

I helped out with a major group photo today.  The Manitoba legislative assembly!  It’s a little intimating trying to orchestrate the leaders (NDP) and opposition leaders (PC) of our province.  I suppose one should feel a little nervous about such a large shoot.   … Continue reading

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Dear Santa Clause…. Winnipeg Photographer

Every year I photograph kids with Santa for the same clients in Winnipeg. Breakfast with Santa today was incredible!  I had the best eggs Benedict at the Winnipeg Winter Club ever!  Santa made an appearance after parking his reindeer on the roof top, and we the fun shoot with … Continue reading

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