Under the Black Light

It really was an amazing day today.  This morning I was at a local aerospace company photographing parts under black light.  Years ago I was written up in a article about my black light techniques, this was  in the good old film days.  The theory still is the same with digital  however  the prints need to be one to one after printed, and this takes a long time in Photoshop      I’m always amazed at how “stuff” looks under this kind of light.   Even your freshly cleaned clothes look like they could use a washing from the lint.

I then went into my studio for my business portrait.  Every two years I force myself to have one taken. Mainly for my web site, and Facebook    I never want to be the shoe maker whose kids have no shoes!  I believe even as adults we change every few years and should be photographed.   This year my good friend and  little sister Laurel Nash had the challenge.  After all she didn’t have that much to work with.   Laurel is an aspiring photographer who I’ve helped over the years.  You can check out some of her work at http://www.laurelnashphotography.com  I first meet Laurel when she was 7  and have been her “big sister” ever since.  It’s been just over 30 years!  Hard to believe we have known each other that long.   Laurel did an amazing job photographing me,  and I will post a few of my favorites in the coming days….


About Photography by Michele

Freelance Photographer who loves to capture just about anything. "May the light of day make you aware of the passing time"
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