Celebrating Immigration + Graduating

This beautifully family recently immigrated from the Philippines. I never thought they would choose this particular pose as a print. The mom gave me a piece sign, and my quick finger just took the shot. There is peace in Canada and they loved the image!

The newly graduate missed out on her graduation photo. As I have the gowns/sashes at my studio I was able to photograph her. She found a PDF of the medallion from the Philippines. I was able to retouch the image I photographed and add the medallion she provided. She loved the result, and it turned out better than she thought it would.

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Large Families

It was great to meet and photograph this large extended family. The Saint Boniface Cathedral was the perfect location as the steps allow everyone to be seen. Colour coordinating the clothing helps unite everyone and the focus goes directly to the face, rather than the clothing. Nothing say’s summer like White/Beige!

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Real Estate Agents

Congratulations to Birdevinder Singh, Winnipeg’s newest real estate agent!

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I’m alway’s interested where people are from, especially if they are on holiday in Winnipeg and want a family portrait. This adorable family is all the way from Arviat. I must admit I had no idea where it was and had to ask. Arviat is 200 km north of Churchill Manitoba! WOW!

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Business Portraits – crop, necklines + jewelry matters!

I recently photographed this beauty. It occurred to me how important neck lines, and jewelry are as I tried to crop this image for her employer. The company require’s the same lighting with very little lighting in the background. This type of photography creates the focus on the face. I love the sparkle in her eyes with that Mona Lisa smile!

If you want to use your image in a variety of marketing materials, it’s important to have the flexibility to crop a photo. Keep in mind the final image. What will you be using this photo for? Will it be vertical, horizontal, square or round? Here’s a few example’s.

Leaving lots of room around the image gives flexibility for cropping.

close horizontal crop, you’ll probably cut off any hanging jewelry
Close up, who cares about jewelry anyway?
This crop show’s her jewelry!

Sometimes there are to many options, It just depends on what you’d like to portray with your image!

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Business Portraits for Website

Showing potential customer’s what your team looks like on your web site is great idea! You’ll have to consider a few things. Consistency in business portraits is paramount. Using the same lighting, and background keeps the team unified. If a team member leave’s or you have a new hire, it’s easy to re-create this effect when using the same professional photographer. This company wanted front lighting, with very little angle on the shoulders. Normally I prefer different lighting on portraits however, this is what my client wanted. I have to consider their request.

The following four images where taken on different days. If your company is considering employee business portraits for online, keep me in mind. My studio is centrally located in the heart of the exchange district on McDermot Ave. Winnipeg.

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Mom’s the Focus

Traditional family portraits sadly aren’t that common anymore. However, I still receive call’s for special occasions. After a clothing consultation with this family, I decided to made mom the focus. I just love the cultural twist on this modern family portrait.

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Nine Years Later

I was surprised when Sunpreet asked me to photograph her graduation portrait. She graduated from the University of North Dakota better known as UND. The long drive North for her was worth it, as she loved the final image. I’m so happy I was able to meet her expectations, after nine years of education she’s a lawyer!

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Doctors Manitoba

Imagine your new job right out of University is Emergency Doctor during a pandemic… nope I can’t either!

I truly enjoyed photographing Dr. Emilie, she was a no nonsense get it done kind of client. She has the best consistent smile I’ve seen in a while. It was her mom who inquired about my photography services and the quality of them. They had a previous photo taken, but it just wasn’t up to their standards. I’m thrilled they loved my images! I guess after 30+ years in this industry I know how to take a professional portrait!

Winnipeg is lucky to have this lovely women taking care of us. Good luck and all the best Dr. Emilie.

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What’s in a name?

Sometimes I ask how my clients find me.

I was not prepared for Judith’s answer, in short it was my name… Judith recently lost her best friend whose name was the same as mine. She felt a comfort in just my name, and her story brought a tear to my eye.

Judith’s career spans over 25 years in the Financial Services Industry with the last 15 in the area of Wealth Management working exclusively with high net worth individuals and families. She has now joined TD Wealth Private Investment Advice. Judith has recently begun her first term as chair of the board of trustees for the Manitoba Opera.

I loved the colour chosen for her portrait. Judith was truly a breath of fresh air on a cold winter’s day.

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