Child Portrait

I don’t recall what I received when I turned one, probably a little teddy bear or something to chew on. I’m sure if I dug out my photo album there are photos. Can you imagine receiving a convertible Mercedes for your first birthday? This sweet ride has many working features, and is remote control for the parents. This little guy was dressed in a suit, and his cookie actually looks like a phone 🙂

Adorable family

Even though it was a tiny celebration, the parents went all out. They created a festive background. These photos, and many others will be memorable for years to come.

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Family Portraits

Sometimes people want to know, “How long will the portrait take to photograph?” My answer. “It depends on the kids and puppies” Seriously, you can’t make kids sit still, look at the camera, smile at a stranger for 5 seconds. I have excellent eye/hand co-ordination so I’m able to capture moments in a split second. Also being a little silly behind the camera doesn’t hurt either. This family was thrilled with a lot of the images, because after almost 2 hours they didn’t think I was able to capture anything.

My favourite image of this adorable family, and they choose to hang it on their wall too!

Capturing moments is what being a portrait photographer is all about. I love creating memories for people to enjoy down the road. This family had a large frame with multiple cut outs for images. We were able to find the perfect image for each space. The result was georgeous!

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The ins and outs

Photographing this band was so much fun. Rich, Jay, Tristan and Josh made my job so easy! I photographed them separately and together as a band.

The Ins and Outs will be playing at the Red River Ex Fall Fair on August 28th, You’ll have 3 chances to hear them. I’m looking forward to hearing live music again!

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Studio on Location

About 6 years ago I photographed the whole team at Edge Dental on location. Individual and a group photo have been up on the web site ever since. With the addition of three dentists, Edge Dental required an update. I was asked to set up a studio on location using the same background. The background is simply a very soft patterned wallpaper in the waiting area. Using the same background is important for consistency on the web site.

Dr. Alanna Junaid will be on maternity leave, so Dr. Vanessa Hunzinger, Dr. Marcus Hunzinger and Dr. Neil Wilson will be filling in for her. (no pun intended) It was great to be back on location, and reminded me that I should probably book an appt. as it’s been a while.

Edge Dental

Dr. Vanessa Hunzinger – General Dentist
Dr. Neil Wilson – General Dentist
Dr. Marcus Hunzinger – General Dentist
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Winnipeg Mortgage Broker

I’ve been photographing Adrian Schulz for almost a decade, and it was time for a much needed update. Adrian owns and operates IMPERIAL PROPERTIES and is a mortgage broker with Centum Financial in Winnipeg Manitoba.

As Adrian’s heat shot is used in a variety of marketing materials, his portrait was photographed on a light background. This makes it easier for graphic designers to select the portrait and place it on any background.

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Head Shots

I recently had the pleasure of updating a few head shot’s for some Winnipeg actors. It was so much fun meeting these women! They have character, and can strike a pose and hold it. Actor’s usually require a few different looks. It usually depends on the role they’re going after, and I was able to capture a few different expressions.

Selam, Erika and Paulette have been taking acting classes from Paul Andrich. Paul is an actor and writer, known for The Stray Bullet (2007), Vampire Season (2016) and The Dark Heart (2021). Paul runs an acting studio Audition Technique Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Over the last few years of the studio being in business, his clients have booked roles in over thirty local productions. Tales From The Loop, Burden Of Truth, Tribal along with numerous Feature Films and Hallmark productions.

I’d like to wish Selam, Erika and Paulette all the best in luck in reaching their acting goals!

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Doctors Manitoba New President

Great to meet and photograph Dr. Kristjan Thompson. Doctors Manitoba 113th President. Dr. Thompson previous roles as Vice-President of the St. Boniface MAC/Medical Staff Executive and past president of PARIM have prepared him well, leading up to his term as President of Doctors Manitoba.

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Serendipity Silk

It was great to meet Jerrie with Serendipity Silk. She’s such an amazing artist and makes these beautiful 100% silk scares. They’re 100% silk, hand dyed and hand painted. They are wonderful around the neck, but also can tied to a purse, hat, in your hair whatever! With so many size’s and colours to choose from you’ll need a few.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you need a special gift for mom contact Jerrie. or call 204-793-4441

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What to Wear?

The #1 question almost every time I book a portrait is “What should I wear”?

Business clothing can be formal or casual depending on the company and the image you want to portray. I usually recommend wearing your favourite clothing, or what you feel great in! Solid colours are best, as the focus goes directly to your face instead of your clothes. Try and stay away from repetitive patterns, flowers, and bright bold colours. Classic clothing tends to work best. There isn’t a set rule for what to wear, as long as the clothing reflects your business and your personal style. Just be you!

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It was great to meet and photograph Andrew Pattison. Andrew required new business and personal photographs for his business A to B Publishing Inc.  His company delivers communications solutions through publications which strengthen an organization’s image with its members, vendors and the wider public. Magazines and directories are published in high quality formats integrated across print and digital platforms.

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