Order of Manitoba

I had the honour of photographing Dr. Michael West for his official portrait. Dr. West is retiring and is one of twelve Manitobans selected by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba to receive the 2019 Order of Manitoba, for his work towards the formation of a centre of neurosurgery excellence in Manitoba and his introduction of Gamma Knife radiosurgery to Canada.

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Baby Albums

Valerie loves her grandkids. I’ve had the pleasure to photograph the last three for her. Each one has a baby album, not for the parents but for her! For this album Valerie decided to put her portrait with the baby right on the cover. This is a 5×5 Album, so the left hand side is actually the back cover. Remington was only 3 day’s old when I photographed her. She was so cute, but a little fussy at the same time. Baby’s should be photographed while they cry, as this is how they communicate. Enjoy the album.

The Black and White pose is always my favourite. Timeless and classic!
With her big sister…how cute is this?
Those toes!
Love this page of communication! LOL
Family hug time
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Business Portraits On Location

When you sell high end homes, why not have a portrait taken were you spend most of your time. Meet Amit Bindra, real estate professional. These portraits were taken at 352 Willow Creek road – Artista Homes Show Home in Bridgewater Winnipeg.

It all starts with the build
Ensuring material’s are on location
The heart of this home is beautiful.
Open concept anyone?
Ultimate man cave!

If you’re in the market to build, buy, sell, or invest contact Amit

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Headshots Winnipeg

Meet Pat Harris – Actor in Winnpeg. Pat needed a photographic update, for upcoming roles. Every actor has to make sure that their headshots are up to date, which means that the actor himself must look exactly like the person in the photograph. Whenever you change your style, looks, type or haircut, your headshot must be updated to reflect your current look.

The headshot is the first thing talent agents and casting directors will look at.  The aim here is to have the most professional looking headshot possible. Plane background, beautiful lighting on face, clothes and hair will draw attention, and you will be taken seriously. Selfies or snapshots look un-professional especially without proper lighting!

Good Luck Pat, I look forward to seeing you on the big screen!

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Business Portraits – Casual style!

I had the pleasure of photographing Chad Bisko from CGB Leadership Group.  Chad associated having his portrait taken like it was a trip  to the dentist! I assured Chad that I wasn’t going to hurt him….LOL  Chad is a Certified Professional Facilitator and is currently  working on his web site.   CGB leadership Group is based in Beausejour Manitoba.    I look forward to helping Chad in the future!

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Spine Surgeon

I seem to photograph a lot of doctors, but I hope to never see Dr. Vaca other then in my studio!  Dr. Vaca is a spine surgeon, and required a portrait for a board of directors.    At first he wanted more of a natural portrait, so the window with natural light was his first option.  Dr. Vac agreed to  try a more professional look, and he liked both options.  Selecting backgrounds can make or break any portrait, but the focus needs to be on the person.


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Womans Best Friend

Marie contacted me to do a few portraits.  Not with her significant other or her kids but with  her dog Dougan.   Although Dougan is  getting older and has some health issues, I was able to show just how happy he is.   I was thrilled to capture some beautiful images for Marie.  You can just see how much she love’s him!

This is the first time I’ve received Chocolates with a thank you from a client. It just mean’s the world to me that I’m able to create memories..

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