iPhone 7plus + Caribbean Cruising

It’s hard to believe I decided to leave my Camera at home on a recent holiday.  I’m a photographer, it’s what I do!   This is the first time, and won’t be the last.  I loved just being able to enjoy the trip and felt lighter not lugging my equipment.

I recently came back from a 10 day Caribbean cruise with my mom.  We were celebrating her 80th birthday.  Mom has a lot of trouble walking, so I pushed her 99% of the time.  Just carrying a little over the shoulder bag made it easy for me to just GO.  I didn’t want to be weighed down with cameras, lens, tripods,  etc..   I wanted to enjoy the trip and be present for my mom, and have a little fun 🙂

Our 8th cruise is a Southern Caribbean.  Good thing because it really wasn’t that warm in Florida and very windy.  We’re on Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas.   If you’ve never  been on a cruise before I highly recommend a cabin with your own balcony.  This was our view on it for two days as we made our way to our first Island.

IMG_1540.jpgCharlotte Amalie West,  St. Thomas is breath taking, especially after watching the sea for two days! LOL  We normally do bus tour’s of the Island.  You can  hire the locals’s at the third of the price the cruise ships want.  Most of the Island’s were $25. for a 3 hour tour. Which is plenty of time for a little Island viewing.photographybymichele-travelphotographer-royalcaribbean-seranadeoftheseas.jpgPlease keep in mind, I haven’t altered the colour on these images.  The colour of the sea in places really is Turquoise!IMG_1583.jpg

IMG_1573.jpgSt. Thomas is the place to shop, and there’s jewelry stores everywhere in port.IMG_1623.jpgBack on the ship, it was interesting to watch them put this mast on the sail boat.IMG_1626.jpgFrederiksted St. Croix had a massive dock to walk.photographybymichele-royalcaribbean-seranadeoftheseas-travel-iphonephotography.jpgOn our tour over to the town of Christiansted we saw quite a bit damage  from hurricane Hugo.  hurricanedamage-st.croix-photographybymichele .jpg




st.croix-travelphotographer-photographybymichele.jpgWelcome to Martinique!  Having the starboard side of the ship worked out pretty good for us, as we were able to watch the ship dock some times. royalcaribbean-seranadeoftheseas-photographybymichele.jpgI thought this island tour was funny, first we went to church, then…. martiniquechurch-photographybymichele-royalcaribbean-travelphotographer.jpgDEPAZ RUM FACTORY!!!  LOL depazrum-photographybymichele.jpgI just love this skinny/fat tree view, might be one of my favourites! depazrum-photographybymichele-palmtrees.jpgFollowed by a Volcano….  someone offered to take my pic.photographybymichele-martinique-volcano.jpgNext Island is the beautiful St. Kitts… waiting to have breakfast on this baloney with a million dollar view.royalcaribbean-balconycabin-seranadeoftheseas-photographybymichele.jpgBatik is something I’m familiar with, as we learnt about it in high school, lot’s of beautiful fabrics to choice from at this local store and factory. Saintkitts-batik-travelphotographer-photographybymichele.jpg

batikinsaintkitts-photographybymichele.jpg Atlantic ocean on one side, Caribbean Sea on the other. aintkitts-caribbeansea-atlanitcocean-photographybymichele-travelphtographer.jpgLast island was Saint Maarten, there was a private ship parked right beside us, not sure who it was.  I decided a panoramic of the port of Phillipsburg was in order.  Phillipsburg-iphonepanoramic-photographybymichele .jpgThe locals selling their wares, you pretty much see the same stuff all over. This one was more of a market.  So many items to choose from. saintmartin-markets-bluesky-photographybymichele.jpg


sintmaarten-photographybymichele .jpgSea on the left, landing strip on the right.  While we were there a small plane landed.  The international jets are apparently awesome to watch land.  You can see some hurricane Hugo damage on the hotel in the distance. sintmaarten-airport-hurricanhugodamage-photographybymichele.jpgI’d highly recommend a Caribbean cruise in January/February it makes the winter in Winnipeg a little more bearable.  I didn’t take as many photos on this trip, and that’s ok.  The iPhone was enough for me this time.

Until next time Happy Trails or Ocean views  🙂  MicheleIMG_2068.jpg














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Creekside Physiotherapy


It’s always fascinating to photograph in the medical field.

This mat measure’s data that Chiropractors, PTs and OTs need to know – In ways that can help you recover faster, smarter and stronger!



Thanks Shayla Moore from Creekside Physiotherapy in Winnipeg, for being such a great model for Vista Medical Ltd.

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Winnipeg Harvest

It was so nice to meet and photograph  Keren Taylor-Hughes.   Keren  is Winnipeg Harvest’s new executive director! Complete story in Winnipeg Sun.


Congratulations Keren!


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Year in review-2017

Goodbye 2017!!!

You’ll be remembered as being one of my most challenging years, both personally and professionally.  This year, the Manitoba Government closed down New’s Media including the photography dept.  For almost 18 years I’ve been free-lancing under this dept.  Incredible opportunity’s to photograph every walk of life, including royalty! It’s been a wonderful journey, beyond my wildest photographic dreams.   I can’t wrap my head around  these photoshoot’s being done  with iPads, smart phones, and point and shoots, by whomever is on hand at the time. I’ve always believed it’s not the equipment it’s the person using it that create’s the image.    It’s hard to believe that the PC government lacks the valve of photography from a trained professional.    Is it just the sign of times? Is professional photography dead?  I HOPE NOT!   I still believe in good quality photography, Good lighting, posting, capuring emotion will NEVER go out of style, no matter what the medium!  Smart phones have made photography fun, and although I don’t like selfie’s, I treasure the images of family and friends.

My  year in review, is a mix of wedding,  business portraits, family portraits and events. In studio and on location.  It’s hard to pick 1 from every month,  capturing love, life, and laughter!


some of my favourites


As we say goodbye to 2017. I plan on ringing in the new year with the  hope 2018 will be a little kinder.   I’d like to thank all of you who still believe in professional photography,

All the best in Love and Laughter,  Happy New Year 2018!


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2018 Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet!

2018 is just around the corner, less than 3 weeks away!


If you’re wondering how to incorporate this colour into your life it’s easy!  I often find inspiration from nature.  If it look’s great on a flower, I believe you can wear it or decorate with the same palette. Purple and Yellow are complimentary colours, and look awesome together.


This is my office.  I’ve alway’s loved this colour and various shades of it.  The inspiration of my office came from the vase that was a gift over 20 years ago.  If you’re wondering what the heck that large print is….. it’s not a cheese grater. LOL  It’s actually the afterburner of a CF-5 aircraft.  I use to work as a in-house photographer at a aerospace company.  The president at the time wanted me to create art work from plane parts.  It was a challenge, but I remember it being so much fun. When I left the company in 1994 the 25″x25″ print was given to me.  It has hung in my office ever since.



Now if you’re wondering how to incorporate this colour into clothing for your next family portrait session. Here are a few options.





If the Colour Violet is your favourite colour, You are gentle, a free spirit. Your feelings run deep. Deepest Needs: Emotional security and to create order and perfection in all area’s of your life. Including your spiritual life.



Yellow and purple together are very regal.  Any of these combination’s would be a excellent choice for a family portrait in 2018 to honour Pantone Colour of the Year!

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The Colour Purple

Meet Mariette, She love’s the colour purple!  Mariette came to the studio because she just wanted to have a updated portrait of herself.   I can relate, as I’ll be heading to the studio for a update myself soon!



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Business Portraits… How Often?

I have my business portrait taken every two years.   I want to keep it fresh with a new outfit.    I don’t like having my portrait taken, so every two years is sometimes a struggle but I do it!

Jeff Stern knew it was time for a new portrait when a client  wanted his business card but refused to take it.  She claimed the card  didn’t look like him and said he looked better than his photo!  I have to agree with this client.   Jeff  realized 10 years had past since the last time he had a professional portrait taken!  Although Jeff will updating his logo he wanted the same pose.  I really look forward to seeing the new card soon.

So how long should you keep a portrait on your business card?


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